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H.C.Coombs building entrance


Personal Information Collection Notice for the H.C. Coombs Centre

This notice details the Reserve Bank of Australia's (Reserve Bank) approach, as owner of the H.C. Coombs Centre (Centre) to personal information collected for the purpose of running the Centre.

Why we Collect Personal Information

The primary purposes of the Reserve Bank collecting and holding this personal information include:

  • Responding to customer enquiries concerning the Centre, including enquiries concerning its conference facilities, services and availability.
  • Facilitating communication between the Centre and its customers during the booking process.
  • Ensuring that the dietary, accessibility and other requirements of guests are met.
  • Facilitating communication between the Centre and its service providers.
  • Engaging in public relations activities.
  • Undertaking planning, research and statistical analysis.

The Reserve Bank also uses the personal information for the following secondary purposes:

  • Complying with any applicable legal and regulatory obligations.
  • Risk management, accounting and auditing purposes.
  • Learning more about how to provide our customers with the information and services they need and otherwise improving our services.

How we Collect Personal Information

The personal information is collected when you or someone else in the organisation booking or otherwise dealing with the Centre:

  • send us an email message
  • telephone us
  • submit a completed Booking Form
  • submit a completed Feedback Form; or
  • submit a completed Site Induction Form (as a service provider).

Consequences if Personal Information is Not Collected

If the personal information were not collected then the Reserve Bank as owner of the Centre would not be able to provide the information and services required. In particular, without relevant contact details (and in some cases additional information) it cannot:

  • Maintain accurate and complete booking and payment records.
  • Process payments.
  • Authorise and arrange maintenance or project works
  • Maintain accurate and complete health and safety records.
  • Ensure that guests are not served a meal that contains a relevant food allergen.
  • Provide required services on the day of the customer's visit such as meals to meet dietary requirements.
  • Provide assistive technology for guest(s) that require it.
  • Reserve the accessible bedroom for a guest that requires it.
  • Develop a personalised emergency evacuation plan for a guest with a disability.
  • Plan for the access to the Centre and arrival of a carer or guide or companion animal for a guest(s) with a disability.
  • Plan for the arrival of a guest that uses a wheeled mobility appliance, including a wheelchair or scooter.
  • Inform the Fire Warden that a guest with a sensory impairment may need personal notification in the event of a fire drill or building evacuation.

Without relevant business or professional contact details the Reserve Bank as owner of the Centre cannot engage with other organisations in relation to the Centre's services.

Disclosure of Personal Information

Catering and accessibility information

Personal information such as contact details for staff of a corporate customer and guest names, catering requirements and accessibility requirements is provided to our catering contractor for the purpose of meeting the catering and accessibility needs of guests during their stay at the Centre. This personal information is stored on a separate server owned and managed by our catering contractor. This personal information can only be accessed by authorised staff of the catering contractor and the Reserve Bank.

Disclosure - general

We will not disclose your personal information without your consent except:

  • to our catering contractor as outlined above;
  • where you are a guest at the Centre, in communications with the organisation arranging the relevant event at the Centre or otherwise booking with the Centre;
  • where you are employed by a service provider or other organisation dealing with the Centre, to your employer; or
  • where required or authorised by law or authorised by Reserve Bank management in connection with investigations into possible breaches of the law.

We may use aggregate and anonymised information to publicly report on the patronage of the Centre.

Disclosure of the information overseas

The personal information is of a kind which the Reserve Bank does not usually disclose to persons or organisations outside Australia.

Security of Personal Information

If you provide the Reserve Bank as owner of the Centre with personal information via email or any other means, your personal information may become part of the records of the Reserve Bank. The Reserve Bank takes all reasonable care to secure personal information and protect it against unauthorised access and misuse. If you are submitting personal or other information over the Internet please note that, while all attempts are made to ensure security of information transmitted to this site, there is a possibility that information you send could be seen by a third party while it is in transit.

Information from our ISP logs will only be disclosed if the Reserve Bank is required by law to do so.

When required by law, e.g. search warrant or subpoena, information requested (including an inspection of our ISP logs) will be provided to law enforcement agencies, courts or regulatory bodies.

Amendment of and Access to Personal Information

Individuals are entitled under Australian privacy law in certain circumstances to access, and seek correction of, personal information about them held by the Reserve Bank. If you wish to access or update the personal information the Reserve Bank holds about you contact:

Phone +61 2 9551 8111
Postal Address The Privacy Officer
Reserve Bank of Australia
GPO Box 3947

More information about access and correction is in the Reserve Bank's Privacy Policy.

Enquiries and Complaints

If you would like more information about the Reserve Bank's approach to privacy, or you think the Bank has breached the Australian Privacy Principles or you have any other concern about the way the Reserve Bank has handled your personal information, please contact our Privacy Officer:

Phone +61 2 9551 8111
Postal Address The Privacy Officer
Reserve Bank of Australia
GPO Box 3947

More information about complaints is in the Reserve Bank's Privacy Policy.

Other Information

Website analytics

We use Google Analytics (along with Google Tag Manager) and Microsoft Clarity (our web analytics service providers) to log details about your visit to our websites including the following information from your browser, for statistical purposes and to help us improve our websites and overall user experience:

  • the type of browser and operating system you are using
  • the address of the referring website (i.e. the website that directed you to this website)
  • your device’s Internet Protocol (IP) address (a number which may be unique to the device through which you are connected to the Internet: usually provided by your ISP)
  • the date and time of your visit
  • the address of the pages accessed and the documents downloaded; and
  • behavioural data such as where you click and how far you scroll down a page.

Information we collect from these logs is not, and is not associated with any, personal information. It will only be disclosed if the Reserve Bank is required by law to do so.

For information about how Google and Microsoft collect and use information (which may include personal information) from sites or apps such as Bank websites which use their services, please refer to the following:

See the Cookies page referred to below for other information about how third parties including Microsoft and Google may collect information from you when you visit our websites.


When you visit this website a small text file (known as a cookie) is put onto your computer to collect information about how you browse the site. Please refer to the Reserve Bank’s Cookies page for more information.


No attempt will be made by the Reserve Bank to identify visitors to the Centre’s website or their browsing activities except where required by law or when authorised by Reserve Bank management in connection with investigations into possible breaches of the law.

Links on our website to other websites and contact details for other organisations are provided to help us meet your needs but the Reserve Bank is not responsible for the content or privacy policies of those sites or the handling of personal information by those organisations. Our Disclaimer provides further information.